RavenLaw lawyers offer pro bono support for refugee sponsorship

Raphaelle Laframboise-Carignan and Amanda Montague-Reinholdt of RavenLaw have joined other lawyers from across the Ottawa bar and beyond to participate in the recently established Refugee Sponsorship Support Program. The Program is a great new initiative of the University of Ottawa Refugee Hub, with support from the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, the Canadian Bar Association, Lifeline Syria, and the Human Rights Research and Education Centre. 

The Program was established in response to the major rise in interest in private refugee sponsorship due to the ongoing crisis in Syria. The Program offers pro bono legal services from lawyers of all areas of practice, who have been trained to offer general information and guidance to groups on the private refugee sponsorship process.  

To learn more about the Program and the services provided by the volunteer lawyers, visit www.refugeessp.ca.





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