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Your Labour and Employment Law Experts

Raven Law focuses specifically on services pertaining to labour and employment law – we are not a general firm, meaning our lawyers know much more than the surface-level essentials of our practice areas. Clients therefore benefit from deeper wells of knowledge, our comprehensive understanding of the latest federal, provincial, and organizational regulatory compliances, and the ability to harness many decades of practical experience. With our help, your case has every chance of an ideal resolution.

Attentive Listeners and Lifelong Learners

The most effective, approachable firms take the time to understand who clients are, their specific needs, and which risks could apply to their case – all in a nerve-soothing, supportive manner. This is crucial when mustering the courage to discuss sensitive, private subject matter related to employment, a disability, or otherwise. Raven Law operates on a data-driven, listen-first approach, taking the time to get to know you while moving the process along at your pace. Each client-lawyer relationship is exactly that, meaning we owe it to you and ourselves to form a strong, trustworthy connection – one in which you feel welcomed and genuinely appreciated.

Passionate Protectors of Our Clients

The Raven Law family is both transparent and discreet, flexible yet realistic. We operate in a manner that makes for a more comfortable, considerate client experience, all while ensuring our suggestions and insights can be trusted. From the moment you are greeted with a smile at the front desk to strengthening your case, we are here for you first. A passionate, compassionate legal team is waiting for you.

Areas of Practice

Comprising of over 125 years of experience, our firm is a well-informed, effective provider of labour and employment law advisory services. With multiple areas of expertise relevant to such laws, our clients benefit from expert, educated representation. Whether you require assistance with a long-term disability application, retirement benefits, human rights violations or otherwise, we are happy to provide sound legal counsel and guidance pertaining to your case.

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Ontario Long-Term Disability Lawyer Assistance

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Labour, Employment & Human Rights Cases

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Judicial Review & Appellate Advocacy

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Health & Safety / WSIB Legal Support


Please contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation with one of our employment lawyers.

How it works: Before scheduling a consultation, we will direct you to our intake specialist for an interview over the phone. This confidential discussion is used to collect relevant information about your case. We will then verify that there are no conflicts and ensure that our firm is able to help you. Our intake specialist will discuss our billing and retainer practices, and schedule an appointment with the lawyer that can best meet your needs. If we are unable to provide assistance, we will refer you to a firm or another resource which can. We will ensure that you are well served and will respond to your request within a single business day.

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    Visiting this website, and/or sending e-mail communications to RAVEN, CAMERON, BALLANTYNE & YAZBECK LLP/s.r.l. (or any member or representative of the firm) through this website, or through any email addresses listed on this website, is not intended to create, and does not create, a lawyer-client relationship. Until we specifically agree to act for you on a matter, you should not provide us with any unsolicited confidential information or material. Unsolicited information and material will not be treated as confidential and will not be protected by any lawyer-client privilege. We do not guarantee the security or confidentiality of any communication made by email through this website or through the email addresses listed on this website.

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