David Yazbeck Appears Before Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology

On October 15, 2018, David Yazbeck appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, acting on behalf of Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts visuels (COVA-DAAV). Currently, the Committee is undertaking a review of the Copyright Act. David’s presentation related to recommendations by COVA-DAAV regarding improvements to the Act which would assist visual artists.

In particular, COVA-DAAV is recommending three changes to the Act:

  1. The inclusion of limitations on the educational fair dealing provisions so that the interests of visual artists and users are more balanced, and interference in collective licensing is removed;
  2. The removal of the 1988 cut-off date for the exhibition right so that artists with works created prior to that date would benefit from that right as it applies to those works; and
  3. The establishment of the artist’s resale right, a right which would require the payment of a royalty on transactions of secondary public art sales (i.e. where an artist’s work is sold subsequent to the first sale).

While all of these measures may seem minor, visual artists have among the lowest incomes in Canada and each measure would benefit visual artists immensely.

The full presentation can be viewed here.




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