Ravenlaw.com introduces new Resources section

As part of the new and exciting changes to our website, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Resources section, which will include informative articles on topics in our areas of expertise, and Writing for Working People, our new blog. We hope that these new resources will provide our clients and the community with relevant and useful information about workers’ rights in all areas of labour, employment and human rights law. 

The first group of articles is on the topic of Disability Benefits. Several of our lawyers have recently given informational sessions on long-term disability benefits and other related issues, including at the Maplesoft Centre and the Ottawa Fibromyalgia Support Group. We have now posted a group of articles, providing general information on these topics. Similar articles on other legal topics will be soon to follow. 

We have also introduced a new blog, Writing for Working People. On this blog, we will be providing regular updates and commentary on issues that impact workers’ rights, including: recent court decisions, changes to labour and employment-related legislation, and other legal and political topics affecting unions and workers across the country. 

Please check back regularly as we continue to update these new resources!




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