Adjudicator Confirms that Termination not an Appropriate Sanction for Long Service Employees who Committed Single, Unplanned Infraction

On August 21, 2015, an Adjudicator of the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board reinstated two long service Parks Canada employees who were terminated for entering a restricted area at a National Park site and swimming in an underground cave pool that contained an endangered species of snail. While Adjudicator Gobeil was satisfied that the grievors had entered the premises knowing that they should not have and swam in the protected habit of the endangered snails, she rescinded the terminations. In determining that termination was not an appropriate sanction, Adjudicator Gobeil considered the 30 years of service of one of the grievors and the 14 years of service of the other grievor. In addition, both grievors had clean disciplinary records and the termination resulted from a single, unplanned incident.

The grievors were reinstated effective the date of the decision.

The grievors were represented by Wassim Garzouzi of RavenLaw.




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