RavenLaw Hosts Fall Long-Term Disability Conference

On September 24, 2020, RavenLaw hosted its fall LTD conference via video conference. The conference focused on long-term disability claims in the context of post-concussion syndrome and brain injuries.

The conference was attended by many union representatives of several federal public sector unions and by non-unionized employees. A neurological physiotherapist, Amaal Mirani of Lifemark Physiotherapy, provided a medical view on the fundamentals of concussions and post-concussion syndrome, their effects on the brain, and available treatments. Two guest speakers also shared their personal stories about dealing with post-concussion syndrome in both private and public sector employment, as well as their experiences pursuing claims against their insurance companies for long-term disability benefits.

Finally, James Cameron, Kim Patenaude, and Anna Lichty of RavenLaw provided a legal perspective on litigating long-term disability claims for clients with post-concussion syndrome and other brain injuries.

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