David Yazbeck Retained as Canadian Expert Panelist on Whistleblower Protection Law

David Yazbeck has recently been retained as a Canadian Expert Panelist for the European Commission, as part of a study examining whistleblower protection laws and empirical evidence of such protections. The Panel is conducting its whistleblower study so that the Commission can learn what is working and what is not working in terms of whistleblower protection in many jurisdictions.

The larger study aims to:

  • Map the existing rules on whistleblower protection in the EU-28 and gather empirical evidence on their effectiveness;
  • Assess the need for further measures at the EU level to strengthen whistleblower protection across the EU, and;
  • Assess the key impacts (economic, social and on fundamental rights) of potential EU measures to strengthen whistleblower protection across the EU.

David has extensive experience in whistleblower law and has argued many of the leading cases in the Federal jurisdiction in Canada.

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