Our firm is deeply committed to the protection and advancement of human rights law. We provide advice and representation to unions, organizations, and individuals involved in human rights, disability, and accommodation matters.

We have dealt with issues including the duty to accommodate, same-sex benefits, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, the institutional independence of human rights tribunals, and pay equity in various sectors. We were counsel to the union in the pay equity complaint regarding the federal public service, where our success before the Human Rights Tribunal and the Federal Court resulted in a $3.6 billion settlement in favour of public service workers. Our firm has also played a leading role in the development of recent case law with respect to family status accommodation.

Our firm has significant experience in all areas of human rights law, appearing regularly before provincial and federal human rights tribunals and Courts. We have extensive experience representing individuals in humans rights cases including before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our firm has provided numerous presentations to groups, organizations and associations on topics pertaining to human rights, including the obligations of employers under human rights law, the duty to accommodate, discrimination, disability issues, and workplace harassment. Lawyers from our firm also regularly speak at professional conference on human rights law issues. To find out more about presentations we can offer, please contact us.


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