A Win for Employees with Disabilities

In a decision rendered on January 25, 2016, adjudicator Linda Gobeil of the Public Service Labour Relations Board concluded that the Parole Board of Canada failed to accommodate a grievor suffering from “emotional stress” in a manner consistent with the requirements of Canadian Human Rights Act.

The adjudicator found that the emotional stress suffered by the employee as a result of her proximity to a particular co-worker amounted to a disability that triggered the employer’s duty to provide reasonable accommodation. The employer was ordered to find workspace for the grievor in another building and to compensate her for lost wages and benefits during the relevant time frame.

The grievor was represented by Kim Patenaude of RavenLaw, who told the Ottawa Citizen that the Adjudicator’s decision “has the potential to broaden an employer’s responsibility to provide accommodation” and is a win for employees with disabilities, especially those with mental health concerns.  For more information, click here.



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